Darcy Warman

Name: Darcy Warman

DOB: 08/05/1993

Coordinates of Home town: -  35.1680°S, 138.4720°E Port Noarlunga South, South Australia

Favourite fishing Destination: Coffin Bay South Australia

Favourite Fish Landed:

  • Kingfish 109cm
  • Mulloway 113cm 35lbs
  • Snapper 102cm 15kgs
  • Tuna 22kg
  • Australian Salmon 5.7kg
  • Whiting 52cm


Dream Trip: Chasing big Kingfish in New Zealand jigging

Target fish: GT ( Gaint Trevally)

Your Best Fishing Tale:

After Chasing Tuna off the Coast of SA for 2 years and coming home with nothing I made it my goal to catch a tuna in the season of 2017/18.

I took one of my mates out tuna fishing off victor harbour and decided to just troll lures blind until we saw some bird or surface action. After about 2 hours of trolling 3 rods, 2 hard body lures and one skirt lure, 2 of the rods dropped and the drags where screaming. Of course I was in shock and so was my mate so we grabbed a rod, tightened the drag and started fighting the fish. I got my fish to the boat then realised my mates drag wasn’t tight so he was getting no line back. I went over tightened his drag for him and as I did that I lost my fish at the boat. As I tightened his drag his fish swam under the engine and snapped the line. I was devastated. We had just lost two fish. We kept trolling and a few hours later my rod started go nuts again, I was finally on. I got my fish to the boat and asked my mate to get the gaff, but he then tried to just bring it in by hand instead which snapped the line and yet another fish was lost at the boat.

It was then I called it for that day and decided that I wasn’t going to do any more fishing.

A week later I asked my old man if he wanted to come give chasing tuna a crack and he was keen. We set out of victor harbour again really early. We got out about 10km off shore and started trolling.

Within minutes my rod went and I got this tuna to the boat and said to my old man “get the gaff’ he then replied with “do you want the gaff or the net?” I said “I don’t care just get it in the boat.”

As a champion my old man decided to grab the net as he had never used a gaff. As he started to net the tuna by leaning over the side of the boat, the tuna swam down into the net pulling my fully clothed old man over board 10km off shore. My first reaction was to get the net and get the tuna on board which is what I did. Then I had another issue, my old man fully clothed hanging onto the side of the boat. I told him to swim around to the back of the boat and use the ladder. Which he then did and had to fish the rest of the day in his jocks landing a nice sized tuna himself. This day will be one I will never forget after trying so hard to get a tuna and finally getting my first tuna with my old man was so unreal and It was even better watching him get his first tuna too. This was easily one of my best days fishing to date.