Hayden Steinemann

Name: Hayden Steinemann

DOB: 18/11/1990

Coordinates of Home town: -  34.7188°S, 135.8588°E Port Lincoln, South Australia

Favourite fishing Destination: Coffin Bay South Australia

Favourite Fish Landed:

  • 138cm Kingfish

  • 134cm Samson Fish'
  • 62cm KG Whiting
  • 68cm Nannygai
  • 11kg Snapper
  • 17kg Dhufish


Dream Trip: Topwater fishing in Seychelles

Target fish: Swordfish, Dogtooth Tuna

Your Best Fishing Tale:

Fishing of the rocks around coffin bay chasing snapper with a squid head on the bottom when all of a sudden the ratchet on the penn 330gti started screaming and I lost a few hundred metres of line within seconds, thinking it was just another stingray then it started angling up to the surface when I then thought maybe it’s a shark.

After around 20 mins and chasing it a few hundred metres along the rocks I got enough line back and we got a look at it on the surface, kingfish! A huge kingfish! On a bloody squid head on the bottom after we’d watched them swim past and not even look at a livie earlier in the day! It wasn’t done yet though another few runs later we had an absolute beast of a king alongside the rocks on the leader, it was all of 5 foot long and bloody fat!

My mate jake and I were trying to work out hell we were going to land it onto the rocks with no gaff. Well we tried but unfortunately it didn’t happen, the 40lb leader let go and it swam off..... 12 years later and I’m still chasing that fish!

When I think back I’m glad it got away though because we would’ve killed it, I wouldn’t even consider that now so when another fish this size comes along it’ll get to swim off except this time I’d like a photo first!

Youtube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwNFucimjVw&feature=youtu.be