Rhys McKay

Name: Rhys Mckay

DOB: 18/12/1992

Coordinates Of Home Town: 35.1350° S, 138.4770° E

Favorite Fishing Destination: Dog fence South Australia

Favorite Fish Landed:

  • 8 foot bronze whaler shark
  • Mulloway 110cm 30lb
  • Snapper 1m+
  • Snapper taking surface lures meant for salmon
  • Australian salmon 5.7 kg


Dream Trip: Chasing Barramundi in the remote Kimberly

Target Fish: Kingfish/ Barramundi/ Mahi-Mahi

My Favourite Fishing Tale:

A few mates and I head away each October/ November on a fishing trip to the west coast of South Australia. Each year it grows and grows but going back to one of the very first trips was one of the best. We had the whole crew there and drove up to a beach where no one had driven on yet.

Being the first time we had explored the area we didn’t know what to expect fishing wise and we were shocked to come over the last sand dune to see a huge school of salmon sitting 5 meters offshore in shallow water. We couldn’t believe our eyes and run as fast as we could to set the rods up with lures to hit the water. We had that school sitting there for hours until they decided to swim further out to deeper water.

We thought we would do a run up the long beach and ran into another two medium sized schools. We spent all day catching them and letting them go, all fish going around the 4-5kg mark. Going to bed that night we all thought that day would be one a kind. The next day we woke up to the sound of one of the lads screaming ‘I’m on, I’m on'. The school was back right out front of our beach camp and the fun continued again for the entire day.