Todd McKay

Name: Todd Mckay

DOB: 25/01/1994

Coordinates of Home town: -  35.1680°S, 138.4720°E Port Noarlunga South, South Australia

Favourite fishing Destination: Cape Leveque Western Australia.

Favourite Fish Landed:

  • Cobia 115cm
  • Mulloway 116cm 40lbs
  • Spanish Mackerel 17kg
  • Tuna 18kg
  • Australian Salmon 5.4kg
  • School Shark 28kg
  • Queen fish 103 cm


Dream Trip: Chasing big GT with poppers on the great barrier reef.

Target fish: Sampson and Kingfish.

Your Best Fishing Tale:

After three long years of making the big trek over to the dog fence and always coming home with little reward, I finally landed the big steam train I had dreamt of!
It was day three the conditions were perfect, low winds and mid-thirties. After a solid night fishing we treated ourselves to a sleep in and a slow morning rising at around 9:30. We knew the high tide was going to be around 1:30pm so prepared to fish solid then. We started pumping out burley bombs 2 hours prior to the high tide and after roughly an hour of minimal action we got some serious Bent Rod Action! It was the second rod of four which happened to be the old mans, he jumped out of his deck chair and sprinted to his rod to hopefully set the hooks. After the initial run he managed to only get two wind’s back and it took off again. At this stage we were all at the shore excited to see what he had on, after 30 seconds of line pilling of it suddenly went slack. He had been bitten off and what we had hoped was a solid mulloway was freely swimming away.

Straight after we all checked our baits and rigs to make sure they were looking fresh in hope something else big would swim through our gutter. 15 minutes went by and out of nowhere my rod buckled over and started screaming, I jumped out of my deck chair and sprinted down to my rod to set the hooks. The rod had plenty of head shakes, so I knew it wasn’t a sting ray. At this stage all the boys had ran down to help out and to film the action. Ten minutes went by and I had most of the line back when we saw the big silver slab cruising through the shore break. Not long after I had washed it up with the waves and finally I had landed that dream fish we had put in so many hours for. 116cm and 40lb of healthy mulloway, I was over the moon and finally all the hard work and preparation had paid off.