Troy Watherston

Name: Troy Watherston

DOB:  12/04/1995

Coordinates of Home town: -  35.1680°S, 138.4720°E Port Noarlunga, South Australia

Favourite fishing Destination: Port Augusta

Favourite Fish Landed:

  • Hammer Head Shark 5ft
  • Mako Shark 6ft
  • Mulloway 149cm 66lb
  • Snapper 103cm 10.9kg

Dream Trip: Oman chasing GT’s

Dream Fish: Swordfish in South Australia


Best Fishing Tale

One of my best fishing experiences was when I caught my first GT (Giant Trevally) over a metre in Fiji. My brother and I packed over 20kg of tackle and over 10 rods between us. The first week of our trip we stayed on a private island called cast away where we asked some locals to take us out in a 20ft flat bottom boat that usually transports people from the ferry to the island. We looked at spots on google maps planning our attack on popping GT’s on the outer reefs of the island. We had a couple of failed sessions just getting our head around the reef and tides, only catching small fish. On the third trip to the reef after casting for hours, I could only entice a blue fin trevally so with a few more spot changes we seen a big school of bait fish leaping out of water that would have only been 1 to 1.5m deep. I cast my popper into their direction and worked it back to the boat. Half way into my retrieve I spotted a GT, which it had a couple of looks and BOOF I was on!! I had my Saltiga locked and had to rip the fish away from the shallow reef, after roughly 5 minutes of tug a war. Still taking line off the reel, I eventually got it up into the boat with the help of the Fijian local grabbing the tail with his bare hands and my brother who grabbed the leader. After lots of high fives and photos I was about to release the fish but the Fijian was really keen on keeping it to be able feed his whole family. It was worth not releasing because every time we saw him after he was the happiest man alive!